About Us: Indiana Fire Trucks Personnel

Christopher Allen

Chris is the Creator, Webmaster and Chief Photographer for Indiana Fire Trucks. He has touched every single photo, patch, word  and logo on the site (probably more than once). He is married with two sons,and lives in Fishers, Indiana. Chris is a civilian member of the Fishers Fire Department where he serves as FFD's on-scene Photographer. As a young child, his first trips to the firehouse occurred in Delaware where his uncles and great grandfather served as firefighters. From an early age, he was always excited by and interested in fire apparatus of all sorts. Watching hours of the TV show Emergency! certainly had something to do with that as well. Chris has been photographing fire apparatus since 2002. In these short years he has visited more than 340 stations and photographed well over 4,000 apparatus. "I have really enjoyed meeting so many interesting people and hearing the stories and history behind our departments and the greatest job in the world." Chris' pictures have been featured on FireRescue1.com's website, the IAFF Local 416's Newsletter, The Helmet, the Indianapolis Fire Department Yearbooks 1993-2007,  2008-2014, 2015-2020 and the Indianapolis Fire Department's Website. 

Chris' favorite apparatus: Quints, Snorkels and American LaFrance Century rigs

Connor Allen

Connor's interest in fire trucks is the reason this website exists. Connor's first trip to the firehouse occurred when he was only 2 years old.  Ever since then, he has been very interested in firefighting and fire apparatus. Over the years he has given presentations to his fellow classmates about the site and fire apparatus in general. He has contributed various photographs through the years. Now a student at Purdue, Connor still accompanies Chris on station visits around Central Indiana. 

Favorite Apparatus: Ladder Trucks

Frank Wegloski

Frank is the most prolific Photgrapher for IFT and travels to every corner of the state to track down every rig and department. He is a former firefighter and a married father of two. Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, he now lives in Washington, Indiana. Frank has been photographing fire apparatus for nearly 35 years and posing shots from specific stations for the past 20 years. "I describe myself as one of those kids who always hung out at the firehouse and just never outgrew my love of fire trucks." While he has photographed most of the rigs in Indiana, he helps out Indiana Fire Trucks with numerous rural and smaller volunteer departments. Frank has photographed more than 10,000 rigs from IN, IL and KY in the past decade alone. He has managed so far to shoot apparatus from 37 different states. Frank's wife regularly accompanies him on multi-day photography field trips around the state that can include as many as 100 apparatus a day! Frank's photos are frequently featured in Fire Apparatus Journal. 

Favorite Apparatus: Mack (long live the Bulldog!) and older rigs from 1945 to 1980

Brittney Jackson

Britt is a photographer, researcher for IFT. She started out as an avid visitor to the site in 2004 and has been photographing fire apparatus since 2003. Her pictures have been featured in the IAFF Local 416's Newsletter, The Helmet. She has also done a large amount of behind-the-scenes work with the site's initial organization and our Facebook page.

Favorite Apparatus: Tactical Rescues

Contributing Photographers

95% of the photographs on the site were taken by Chris and Frank. Together they have literally taken more than 40,000 photos of fire apparatus. With this in mind, it makes sense that we have grown to be fairly particular about high quality photos with specific poses. However, we do have several other photographers that have submitted photos and have been recognized for their work on our site. We would like to thank the following photographers for their various pictures and contributions to IFT:

Bill Friedrich - Downer's Grove, IL - IllinoisFireTrucks.com

Kent Parrish - Louisville, KY  KentuckyFireTrucks.com

Tim Jones - Fort Wayne, IN

Don Feipel - Chicago, IL

Steve Hagy - Cincinnati, OH   - Steve 's Fire Apparatus Photos

Jeff Follis - Coesse, IN

John Lacey - Indianapolis, IN

Bruce Neal - Hope, IN

John Nyerges - South Bend, IN

Eric Schefel - Indianapolis, IN

Joe Usselman - Hammond, IN

Matt Woods - Indianapolis, IN

Jordan Bucy - Portage, IN

Eric Zak - Valparaiso, IN

Indiana Fire Trucks is a site for fire apparatus enthusiasts to visit and learn about the various rigs and departments located throughout the Hoosier state. It is always our goal to provide factual and up-to-date information about the departments and apparatus shown on our site. As the fire service is constantly changing and evolving, please let us know if there is any incorrect or outdated information. Updates and corrections are always welcome.

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