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Station 26 protects the Village of Orchard Park and numerous residential neighborhoods within Perry Township on the far southside of Indianapolis . For many years Engine 26 was assigned to a firehouse just west of the University of Indianapolis. However, with the merger of Perry Township into IFD, some of the stations overlapped coverage areas and these stations were combined. On January 1, 2014, this firehouse was reassigned from Station 62 (Perry Township 662) to Station 26 to comply with a new regional radio numbering system. 

Station 26 current firehouse is located at 7447 S. Meridian St.. Station 26 serves a total population of 17,878 and covers 6.308 total square miles. Their district is loosely bordered by Edgewood Avenue to the north, Bluff Road the west, East Street to the east and the Marion/Johnson county line to the south.

Engine 26 - IEMS Medic 26

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