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In 2019, the Tri-Township Fire District, which consisted of Union, Carr, and Silver Creek Townships, as well as the Town of Sellersburg, ended its contract with the private Sellersburg Fire Department and created a new fire department to serve the three townships and the Town of Sellersburg. Tri-Township Fire & Rescue retained 3 fire stations and 2 apparatus that were owned by the fire district. An entirely new fire department was organized, new personnel were hired and trained, and additional apparatus were purchased to fill out its fleet. Tri-Township Fire & Rescue covers a total of 65 square miles and protects a population of over 20,000 from 3 stations with 8 full-time, 16 part-time, and 4 volunteer personnel. Station 1 in Hamburg is staffed 24/7, Station 2 in Memphis is manned on weekdays as staffing allows, and off-duty members respond to Station 3 in Bennettsville.

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