Submitting Department or Apparatus Information Updates

It is always our goal to provide factual and up-to-date information about the departments and apparatus shown on our site. As the fire service is constantly changing and evolving, please let us know if there is any incorrect or outdated information. Updates and corrections are always welcome.

New Deliveries/Orders

We are always pleased to hear about the delivery of new apparatus to our state. Our visitors also like to know what might be coming in the next year. Please e-mail us updates once apparatus have been delivered or after the bids have been finalized and contracts signed for your newly ordered apparatus.

Submitting Your Department Information

We’re glad that you like our site and would be pleased to add your department’s pictures and information to Indiana Fire Trucks. In addition to the photographs, there is a fair amount of information that we like to share with our visitors. By sharing this information with us now, we can pre-build your department's page and have it ready to go once pictures are taken. Here is some of the information we like to share: Apparatus:specs including year, make/model, pump capacity, tank size, serial/job # and any special equipment carried. Response Order: What it the order of response for apparatus to various incidents? Which rigs run first-due for structure fires, first-out for extrication calls, etc. Protection District:Square miles of coverage, population size protected, towns/townships covered Department:Year established? Number of volunteer members, full-time ambulance crew? Is the department considered all volunteer, combination, paid-on-call or career?


If we are going to be in your area, is there a best time or place to catch someone to pull out the rigs for pictures? What is the best way to reach that/those people?

Patches and Logos:

Pictures of unique department patches and station logos are also great for adding interest to the site. Finally, any statistics, background information or history of each particular apparatus and department are always appreciated. Whatever you are most proud of about your department - share it!

Sensitive Information:

It is never our intention to share anything other than public information about your department and apparatus. We specifically try to avoid sharing any opinions or politically sensitive information on the site. For example, if there is little-known merger on the horizon or a pending change of protection areas, we will avoid that type of information to keep from upsetting any parties.

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